Strategic Marketing Profile

  • Instantly trigger the buying process

  • Eliminate buying excuses 

  • Develop marketing that sells

Profile Includes:

1.   90-minute Strategic brainstorming session to do the following
2.   Select the right target market for your business
3.   Breakdown the key demographic factors for your target market
4.   Identify the specific gratification you need to trigger the buying process
5.   Isolate the right rational support to get your target market to take action and buy
6.   Pinpoint the right marketing activators & hot buttons to interrupt and engage prospects
7.   Detailed Marketing Mission Statement to clarify your marketing objectives

​​8.   Find the right Power Words that match your target market’s deep-seated preferences
9.   Psychographic website homepage analysis of your Words, Colors, Shapes, Fonts, 

      Activators, Hot Buttons, Logo, and images

10. Critique your slogan, or help you create a new one, that connects with target market

Psychographic Profile $500

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