Unlock the Financial Power of Your Business Ideas!

Prospects That Beg To Buy

Most business owners don't think they’ll end up a slave to sales. But, if prospects aren't begging to buy what you sell, then 1) you’re working way too hard to make sales, 2) your bills and debt are piling up, and 3) your dream of growing a successful business is going down the drain.


To avoid this trap and turn sales around, without spending any extra money on marketing or advertising, Whelan BPI will show you how to position your products and services, so they literally sell themselves.

Immediate Bottom-Line Profits

Over the past 25 years, we have helped hundreds of business owners to realize the financial power of their business ideas. We do that with minor adjustments to 8 key areas, to increase both sales and profits. The result is a rapid increase to your paycheck, more money to pay off bills, and the consistent income you need to grow your business.

Guaranteed Results

If we can't show you a clear path to get the sales you need, with a guaranteed 5:1 ROI, then we will talk you out of it. Would you pay a contractor if they didn't deliver what they promised? Neither would we. That's why we offer expert, no hassle, one-on-one help to produce the results we promise. Guaranteed results means, you don't pay if we don't deliver.

Self-Funding Solutions

To provide meaningful solutions to even the smallest of businesses, we break our guaranteed fixed consulting fee into small payments that are less than what the average businessperson spends on lunch each month. This means you can pay for our help with the increased revenue that we produce for you, and that’s a win-win solution for everyone.