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Position Your Products & Services So They Instantly Sell Themselves
For Entrepreneurs Who Want More Sales, Without the Hassle of Selling!

Automatically Trigger The
Buying Process

Good marketing doesn’t sell products or services.

Instead, it uses Psychographics to turn your products and services into powerful emotional props, which provide a meaningful buying experience that resonates deep in the target market’s unconscious mind.

This is how successful businesses automatically trigger the buying process, and get prospects to buy.

More Sales with 1/2 The Work

“Psychographics” is what major corporations use every day to dominate their markets and make millions, and it will work for your business too.

Psychographics will help you:

❎  Discover your target market's deep-seated unconscious preferences.

❎  Configure what you sell to satisfy those preferences.

❎  Create marketing to deliver a maximum dose of the right gratification, attract more leads, and get more  prospects asking you to buy.

Attract More Prospects

Every buying decision your target market makes, is an unconscious attempt to satisfy their deep-seated unconscious needs.

By aligning what you sell with your target market’s deep-seated unconscious preferences, you provide your target market with a big dose of their primary emotional gratification.


This grabs their attention, instantly builds rapport, and associates what you sell with the feelings they want most.


"Greg Whelan's knowledge and experience on how to help you get the most out of your business is mind blowing!  The practical applications he shares with you are simplistic and yet powerful enough to help bring in more sales/revenue.   

Thank you Greg!!"

Kindy Erickson

Owner BE Bookkeeping

In less than 60 minutes find out why your products and services aren't selling, and what you can do to instantly trigger the buying process for your target market.

Don't waste another day starving for sales, schedule a FREE Psychographics Business Analysis!

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When you tell prospects about your wonderful products and services, you are actually chasing away sales.

That’s because your prospect’s unconscious mind is responsible for all buying decisions, and unfortunately, your prospect's unconscious mind doesn’t care about what you sell, it only cares about how you make it feel.

If you're not using psychographics to get your prospect's unconscious mind excited about what you sell, then you are only connecting with 33% of your prospects.

Why Small Businesses Lose 67% Of Sales Opportunities