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For Entrepreneurs Who Want More Sales, Without the Hassle of Selling!

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Position Your Products and Services to Sell Themselves

• Need more sales?

• Worried about cash flow?

• Is your debt piling up?

• Want a bigger paycheck?

It's true, you can literally position your products and services to sell themselves! Imagine, no more begging, no more wasting time chasing down prospects to set appointments. Now you can get back to what you do best, exploring new ideas, problem solving, and innovating new ways to improve your products & services.

1. Put Your Sales On Autopilot

Learn a quick and easy way to automatically trigger the buying process and control it from start to finish. When I started using this strategy 18 years ago, I increased sales by 300% within a single year, and I did it without spending any additional money on marketing or advertising.

3. Self-Funding Solutions

Paying for extended online training, or for on-going coaching, without guaranteed accountability for the promised end-result is just poor business! When you work with Whelan BPI, we guarantee affordable self-funding solutions, immediate results, and a minimum 5:1 ROI.

2. Quick And Immediate Results

When your products and services can sell themselves, you don't need to be an expert at marketing, advertising, or even sales. Major corporations use these simple strategies every day to dominate their markets, and so can you. See results within 24 hours. Do you really waste time doing sales? 


"Greg Whelan's knowledge and experience on how to help you get the most out of your business is mind blowing!  The practical applications he shares with you are simplistic and yet powerful enough to help bring in more sales/revenue.   

Thank you Greg!!"

Kindy Erickson

Owner BE Bookkeeping

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