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For Business Owners Who Want More Sales, Without the Hassle of Selling!

Trigger The Buying Process In Less Than 10 Seconds

Imagine -

  • No more begging prospects to buy,

  • No more wasting money on ads that don't sell,

  • No more sales presentations that don't convert prospects into customers.

Then sit back and watch your products and services sell themselves

How It Works

The unconscious mind is responsible for all buying decisions, and that's because:

That means, your prospect's unconscious mind already knows whether it wants to buy from you, Before your sales presentation begins.

It also means that your prospects are pre-programmed to buy emotional gratifications, not products and services.

So, instead of trying to convince prospect's to buy your products and services, try using your products and services as a tool to sell your prospect's primary gratification.

1) Every buying decision starts out as an unconscious attempt to satisfy some deep-seated emotional need, and

2) The unconscious mind reacts thousands of times faster than the logical brain can think.

Finding Your Prospect's Buying Trigger

Your prospect's unconscious buying trigger will always take the form of their primary gratification.

Discover your prospect's unique buying triggers, and learn how to use them to instantly trigger the buying process, and make your products and services, sell themselves.

To be clear, your job is not to convince, educate, or impress prospects.

Your job is to use deep-seated unconscious needs to 1) attract the best target market for your business, and 2) use their primary gratification to convert what you sell into a Symbol that promises to satisfy their unconscious needs, like no one else can.

If you do it right, your phone will start ringing, your prospects will start buying, and the biggest problem you'll have is, "how do I keep up!"

FREE Training Class Provides:

✅ Detailed profile of your prospect's unique buying triggers

✅ Step-by-step process for instantly triggering buying process

✅ Worksheet to create trigger based messaging

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Don't let money worries keep you from trigger the buying process, and positioning your products and services, so they sell themselves.

Learn how to create powerful sales presentations, messaging, and ad copy that automatically trigger the buying process and spark prospects to take action.

Get help now and then pay for your training over time with increased revenue.

Trigger The
Buying Process In Under 10 Seconds

Whether you're selling on the phone, giving a presentation, or running ads, your prospect's subconscious mind makes the decision to buy, or not buy, within seconds. 

Unfortunately, the initial buying decision has nothing to do with how great your product or service is, and everything to do with your ability to satisfy your prospect's unconscious needs.

Our FREE Training tells you what your prospect's unconscious needs are, and exactly how to use them to grab your prospects attention, build instant rapport, and Trigger the buying process in under 10 seconds.

Stop Buying Excuses Before They Happen

Once you trigger the buying process, your prospect’s logical mind will start looking for a specific type of rational support to justify the purchase.

Even if prospects need what you sell, and seem interested, they won't buy without the rational support that matches their buyer type.

If you struggle to close sales, then chances are good you're not providing the specific type of rational support your prospects need to say, YES!

Whelan BPI can show you which rational support your prospects need to consistently close sales and grow revenue.

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FREE Live Training - How To Instantly Trigger The Buying Process:

  • Get detailed Gratification Profile for your target market

  • Learn how to trigger the buying process in under 10 sec

  • Get worksheet for writing trigger based ad content and messaging

​Learn how you can use your target market's primary gratification to attract and close mores sales, without selling.

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"Greg Whelan's knowledge and experience on how to help you get the most out of your business is mind blowing!  The practical applications he shares with you are simplistic and yet powerful enough to help bring in more sales/revenue.   

Thank you Greg!!"

Kindy Erickson

Owner BE Bookkeeping